Fyasko Explorer Dakota Faircloth

July 20th, 2014

Some recent shots of Dakota Faircloth ripping all around Southern California!

Photos captured by Syngen Bingham

@fairclothdakota  @syngenbingham

Summer 2014 Lookbook

July 18th, 2014

The Fyasko Summer 2014 lookbook featuring Fyasko surfers Christian Comet @c0met, Dakota Faircloth @fairclothdakota, and the lovely Zoey Story @zoeystory.

Photos by: Lorin Ely-McGregor


Agenda Tradeshow July 2014

July 17th, 2014

Here’s a few images of the Fyasko Family checking out the Agenda Long Beach trade show last week.

Fyasko Skater Ryan Ashburn with the legendary Mike York and Jeremy Klein

Kelly Hart & Ashburn


Introducing Fyasko Surfer Connor MaCleod

July 15th, 2014

Fyasko is proud to welcome Orange County surfer Connor MaCleod to the Fyasko Family! Read on for pictures and bio!

Name: Connor MaCleod

Date of Birth: September 5, 1997

Hometown: Laguna Niguel Ca.

Sponsors: Fyasko, Infinity Surfboards, & Killer Dana Surf Shop

Homebreak: Salt Creek

Who and what influences you to continue surfing?: “My dad has influenced my surfing the most with the help of Kevin Dean at DSC Performance. I also love watching Nat Young as well!”

What are your future goals in life and your surfing?: “My life goals are to attend a good college, but pursue my surfing as far as it will take me! Another goal of mine is to travel so I could experience the world!”


Matsters 2014

July 1st, 2014

Another year and another crazy and fun Matsters golf tournament held at the Newport Beach Golf Course. The fyasko hole did not disappoint again, this time with a Cabo Cantina theme equipped with Sombreros, cervezas, tequila shots, Margaritas, and water pistols! Each contestant sat down for a whistle blown tequila shot, with a head shake and a couple spins before they could tee off on the ball. All while armed banditos with water pistolas forced a timely swing.

What started as fun in the sun became debauchery and sin by the end of the night! Viva Mexico!!!

Amerika’s Addiction

June 28th, 2014

Check Amerika’s Addiction representing some Fyasko threads in their latest music video, “eye.”

YouTube Preview Image

Artist Profile, Zach Crawford

June 26th, 2014

A visual artist living and working in Newport Beach, Zachary Crawford has been making art professionally for ten years and has been widely collected nationally, both privately and publicly. As a self-taught artist he has never been content to be confined to any particular medium or genre, instead he thrives on the freedom of experimentation and new techniques.

There is a distinct thread of tension between the beautiful and the broken that runs through Crawford’s work. He will not let you forget that the beauty in life is never far removed from the pain and brokenness that we face as well. However, there seems to be an inkling towards hope, although that hope is never spelled out. Perhaps his work is best understood as a call to appreciate the magnificent beauty that this life has to offer, and a reminder that there is beauty in the brokenness as well.



Sunset Sessions

June 19th, 2014

Heres a recent session of Fyasko surfer Christian Comet and Fyasko’s creative directer doing some R&D in a couple Newport wedges! What better way to end your day? Photos captured by Andy Langeland

@theandylangeland @c0met @fyasko84

Show Your Patriotism!

June 17th, 2014

We put together a little capsule shoot for our American inspired gear!

Sexy people: @c0met and @zoeystory

Photos: Lorin Ely-McGregor

Shop Red White and Blue!

Piety Surfboards Profile

June 13th, 2014

We caught up with Fyasko friend and Piety surfboards shaper Beau Irvine to discuss his shaping, the brand, and plans for the future.

What sparked your interest into shaping?
I grew up in San Clemente, so there was plenty of good waves, local shapers and the surfboard ‘Ghetto’ to learn from and be inspired by.

Who gave you initial advice or pointers on the first board you shaped?
My dad was the biggest influence in me shaping that first board. He is a carpenter and a surfer so I had access to all the tools I needed to have at it.

Describe the board and how did it turn out?
I shaped my first board in 1996, it was a fat little 5’9 shortboard with a black ‘P’ laminate on the deck. Chris Kaysen glassed it with some removable fin system that is no longer around. I remember the board going surprisingly well. I imagine I was just astounded that it worked at all. It got stolen some years back, so hopefully it’s still getting waves.

How many boards have you shaped to this point?

Why the name Piety?
It was important to me that the name I branded my boards with had meaning. PIETY (pronounced pie-i-tee) is a virtue that means to have fervent devotion. A kind of longing or respect that is reserved for the people, places and things we identify the closest with. For surfers, a sense of PIETY is felt towards surfing and the ocean.

What’s the significance of the owl logo?
The Owl embodies character qualities of PIETY and in many ways is symbolic of surfing. Riding a wave is similar to flight and like the owl, PIETY is for the solitary, explorative and intuitive wave hunters among us.

What plans do you have for the brand and boards?
Designing and shaping surfboards for performance oriented surfers is the driving force behind PIETY. I enjoy building surfboards almost as much as I enjoy surfing. The plan at this point is to continue building custom performance surfboards and slowly grow the brand into other product that support a progressive, performance oriented surf lifestyle.

Describe the idea of using the container as headquarters. Is this your shaping bay or storage?
I recently spent 2 years living, working & surfing in Bells Beach, Australia. During this time I shaped in a number of shaping bays ranging from converted chicken coop to a cold old industrial warehouse, to a workshop on the hills overlooking Bells. In returning to CA, I was eager to create a space of my own. A space that both captured and inspired the values and attention that goes into each board. PIETY’s home is in California but being travel ready is in its DNA. Housing our studio in a sea-worthy cargo container was only suiting.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you glass yourself or outsource?
Outsource. There is definitely a craft in glassing. One I have only scratched the surface of learning. Let’s just say enough to recognize that it’s not my craft. Thankfully I have partnered with some amazing glass shops who do top shelf work and allow me to stay squarely focused on shaping amazing surfboards.

Thoughts on handshapes vs machine.
At this point, I’ve shaped about the same amount of boards by ‘hand’ and by ‘machine’. I don’t really understand the hype or frustration around the topic. If a surfboard performs the way it is designed to, does it really matter what tools were used in bringing it to life? At this point I’m 90%+ CNC shapes. The control and speed it gives me over hand shaping is undeniable.

How can someone get in contact to order?
Check us out on www.pietysurfboards.com, on instagram @pietysurfboards or email contact@pietysurfboards.com to schedule a time to check out our studio and order a board in person.